Welcome to the Rock Haus Foundation


Everyone who donated to us through the Big Give, we give you a personal thank you! We could not do this without your support and the support of our community.

Your contributions will help the Rock Haus fund special programs and continue our mission for the IDD community.




Virtual Music Sessions

Music Sessions can truly benefit everyone! Music can definitely help almost anyone who shows an interest in music and is willing to engage in the therapeutic experience.

Dance & Movement Sessions

Dance is a great way for adults with special needs to get involved in an extracurricular activity while improving motor skills, confidence, and socialization.

Client Gallery

Social Media

Please check our social media pages for the latest updates:

  • Virtual Music Session
  • Dance & Movement Sessions
  • Art Empowerment
  • Music Sessions
  • Cemex Vegetable Garden

During the COVID 19 pandemic please be aware times and services may change. Please check our Social Media pages for the latest updates or give us a call.

Rock Haus Foundation is a volunteer based organization. If you feel the helping out please contact us. Monetary donations or time are very much needed and appreciated.