About Us

About Rock Haus Foundation

The Rock House Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization registered with the State of Texas as Comal IDD in May, 2017. Subsequently in 2018, the Rock Haus Foundation registered as their DBA with the State and County levels. The organization is composed of a group of parents, family members and compassionate individuals who are working together to support the Comal County IDD Center and adults with IDD in Comal County.

Although the Center is staffed and operated by Hill Country-MHDD headquartered in Kerrville, the Rock Haus Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization formed to support our local center located on North Street in New Braunfels.

The organization's primary role is fund raising through events and grants for repairs and improvements to the current building and property 511 E. North St. in New Braunfels. In addition, we actively research grants to provide a variety of specialized programs to bring to the IDD Center to help improve the quality of life for those enrolled. Such programs include music, art, dance and more.

Mission Statement

To support improved opportunities and quality of life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Comal County by seeking and generating funds.

Vision Statement

To support our community of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by building an environment that is safe and inviting as where individuals can engage in learning life skills that can be achieved and practiced in daily living.

Board of Directors

# Full Name Title
1 Bill Richards President
2 Joyce Fox Vice-President
3 Mary Helen Esqueda Secretary
4 Christine Pfaff Treasurer
5 Diane Johnson Board Member
6 Sam Kneuper Board Member
7 Jon Ellis Board Member
8 Kevin Seelhammer Board Member
9 Steve Chapman Board Member
10 Marci Chapman Board Member
11 Becca Graham Board Member
12 Mario Luna Board Member
13 Laurie Schley Board Member
14 William (Bill) Barry Board Member